Credit comparison – The cheaper, the better – does this also apply to loans?

Credit comparison – The cheaper, the better – does this also apply to loans?
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The answer is clearly no – not in credit comparison!

A cheap offer often turns out to be an expensive offer. Supposedly neutral credit comparison portals on the Internet often turn out to be buyable advertising space for companies.

Comparison portals on the Internet are a dime a dozen. It is difficult to find the right offer.

The widespread acceptance of loans is only important for low interest rates and often does not correspond to reality.

Many consumers act according to the same scheme: the offer that appears most favourable at first glance is selected. Those who only focus on the interest rate for comparison portals often pay more than planned. Because your creditworthiness is decisive for the question of the interest rate. On the basis of their creditworthiness, the bank will make you an expensive or cheap offer. There are few banks that offer a good offer regardless of credit rating.

Therefore, it is difficult to find a suitable offer on the Internet. Because of supposedly cheap offers, which only serve as a decoy and often turn out to be a cost trap.

With us you are in the foreground. We will find the best offer for you from the bank that suits you best. Our goal: You have to pay as little interest as possible. And best of all, this service is free of charge for you!

Finding a suitable loan will always be more difficult as there are always like more credit agencies who promise a low interest rate. Unfortunately most credit comparison portals are not independent, but are often used as advertising space, which usually advertise with supposedly low interest rates.

In order to find the right offer, it is best to use the services of a credit intermediary.

At bestfinance. ch, this service is not only free of charge but also neutral and independent. Our task is to negotiate the favourable offer with the banks for you.

Thanks to the many years of experience at bestfinance. ch, you can draw on the experience and knowledge of professional credit advisors who can advise you personally, by telephone, via WhatsApp or by e-mail and who are at your disposal.

Request a non-binding offer today. You can place your credit application on their website with just a few clicks.

Online loan comparisons now without obligation.

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