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Each credit bank has individual terms and conditions for granting loans with Loan Comparison

  • Which financial institution grants you a loan depends on your personal situation
  • You can switch from an expensive to a cheaper bank at any time and free of charge
  • Don’t be dazzled by the advertising of some banks with loan comparison
  • Low interest rates are often mentioned, which hardly anyone receives
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Loan Comparison Switzerland Private Credit

Each bank has specific lending conditions. Which bank and at what conditions or interest rates you receive credit depends on your personal situation. Terms of at least 6 to a maximum of 120 months are granted. For example, your individual input and expenditure situation and estimated payment behaviour are taken into account when granting loans. 

Personal interest rate

Your personal interest rate can therefore only be determined using a credit application. Under current law, however, an annual percentage rate of charge of no more than 10 percent is permissible. Depending on the bank, additional fees may apply, e.g. for paper statements, final statements and interest statements. Any application to a bank must be reported to the Credit Information Centre (ZEK). To avoid a negative ZEK entry as far as possible, we perform a independent loan comparison and find out which interest you could receive and which lender is suitable for you. In the credit and provider comparison we give an overview of the possible loan interest rates.

Choosing the right credit provider – The team of credit experts offers you easy and secure access to personal loans comparison.We are specialized finding the optimal financial arrangement.


Change credit and save up to 38% on interest costs

Who has taken a loan, usually does not change the bank during the term. Since interest rates have fallen in recent years, its worth switching to a cheaper rate credit. Interest savings in the multi-digit range are possible depending on the amount of the rates.

When you switch from one loan comparison to another, it is called a rescheduling. The best time for a rescheduling is when the old loan contract has a longer term and the new lender’s loan can save percentage points.

The advantages are obvious with loan comparison:

  • You can reduce your monthly charges due to lower tariffs
  • You pay less interest because the effective interest rate of the new loan is lower and therefore saves money
  • Bundling all your current loans with one provider gives you a better overview of your finances
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