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In addition to summarizing and comparing all existing personal credit offers on the Swiss market, we also present the features and advantages in comparison for each product.

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Loans to suit every occasion

Car Finance - Motorcycle Credit

Car Loan

The car loan has advantages over leasing and you already own the car.
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Furniture Credit - Furnishing Credit

Furniture Loan

Relieve your household budget and opt for the flexible furniture loan.
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Credit for your health

Health Credit - Plastic Surgery Credit

Do not save in the wrong place when it comes to your health.
Jetzt Gesundheitskredit anfragen

Loans for self-employed & SMEs

Credit Self-employed

You are self-employed and would like a loan? Then choose the low-cost SME loan.
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Replace loan - credit rescheduling

Loan repayment

Replacing credit brings advantages and relieves you of your monthly expenses. Repayment of loans at more favourable interest rates.
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Reconstruction Credit - Renovation Credit

Reconstruction credit

Save now with our favourable conversion online credit. Renovation, conversion, kitchen appliances etc.
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Frequently asked credit questions:

It is a type of credit financing with which you can request a certain amount and repay it in fixed installments over a certain period of time.

Personal loans is a type of financing that can be applied for for various purposes, such as for example:

  • Financing of consumer goods
  • Investments, Furniture
  • Loans
  • Redemption loan (pooling of several loan debts)
  • Bridging loan
  • Student loan
  • Health credit
  • Credit Plastic Surgery
  • Renovation finance
  • Personal loan
  • Consumer credit
  • Immediate lohn answer
  • Borrowing Switzerland
  • Car loan etc.

Maximum amount and duration

The maximum amounts of private loans vary from institution to institution, with banks typically financing up to CHF 80,000, while other credit institutions may allow up to CHF 250,000 and more. The maximum repayment period is usually 84 months, or up to 120 months (10 years for a few financial institutions).

Reimbursement method

The personal credit is paid in equal monthly instalments, which means that the consumer will pay a fixed amount each month during the term of the contract from the time it is requested. No collateral is required (such as a house or a guarantor as with a home loan).

Compare loans in Switzerland – it pays off. You should compare the current conditions at regular intervals.

If interest rates have fallen in the meantime , you can save a lot of money with repayment of credit credit comparison .

Via you can quickly and easily request a personal credit from the desired institution by comparing all available solutions on the loan market.

If you use our credit comparison Switzerland, you only have to select the amount and the term. Depending on your profile you will find a varied offer, you do not need to be present at a branch of the bank.

credit calculator loan calculator
Use our credit calculator to calculate the price range of your desired monthly rate.

The requirements for applying for a monthly loan may vary from bank to bank. In general, however, the following minimum conditions apply: at least 18 years of age and domiciled in Switzerland.

However, it should be noted that some banks may require additional receipts or proof of address.

It should also be noted that that the credit history (which is included in the ZEK) is also analyzed by the financial institution.

We search and find the best Online Credit Switzerland.

To obtain a cheap loan, you should consider several aspects when comparing the different solutions provided by financial institutions.

First, you need to look at the annual annual effective interest rate and use it to compare the different offers. The annual interest rate represents the total cost of the personal loan. Not only the interest to be paid, but also the processing costs, commissions and the insurance value associated with the loan.

In addition to interest, the customer should also look at the total amount put in to the consumer who will tell you exactly how much you are paying for the financing.

The monthly rate also helps you find out which personal Private Loan Switzerland is the cheapest.

You can get free information on our Blog. Benefit from our know-how.

We regularly negotiate exclusive terms with credit banks.

Of course you benefit 1 to 1 from these top offers & receive these special conditions only from us! – Your Online Credit Switzerland – reliable and serious.


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  • credit comparison
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are always free of charge and without obligation

    1. Compare free and non-binding the various top credit banks in Switzerland, according to your personal choice.
    2. Have found the right credit offer, fill out our online credit request.You will receive a preliminary credit decision within a very short time.
    3. You send us the required documents and receive the credit agreement for signature. After the legal withdrawal period you will receive the money in your bank account.
    • Do not only look at the credit rates, but also at the monthly rates. Some financial institutions advertise with low interest rates and then charge additional credit fees.
    • The private credit interest is influenced by the personal creditworthiness, which can only be obtained from one of the financial institutions.
    • Choose lowest monthly rate – Yes or No. A lower credit rate means a longer term, thus increasing the credit interest rates. We recommend not to choose maturities longer than 84 months.
    • Credit information. Give us truthful information about your financial situation so that we can make you the best offer.
    • Add your spouse. Encomes from your partner can have massive differences in bonit calculation. Often it is even recommendable, because this can have a positive influence not only on the interest rate but also on the amount of credit.
    • Special repayment and save interest. You receive additional income during the term of the loan, then a special repayment is worthwhile to save interest on the loan.
    • A Credit insurance additionally secures your installment payments in the event of disability and involuntary unemployment. credit protection is optional.
  • minimum age 18 years to maximum 68 years
  • Resident in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Swiss citizenship or residence permit B or N settlement permit C
  • Regular income from continued employment, unlimited employment (or a pension)
  • minimum net income from 2800.- (load-bearing capacity test according to the Microcredit Act)
  • No debt collections, loss certificates and seizures have

If you meet the requirements facilitate a credit in Switzerland nothing stands in the way.

Temporaries often have a problem getting a loan. Many banks refuse for risk reasons temporaries.

The reason is that you have to work for the same temporary company for at least 1 year and have a regular income.

Self-employed persons often have a problem obtaining a loan. Many banks reject such credit requests for risk reasons such credit requests.

The reason for this is that you have been self-employed for at least 2 years and can present the final tax statement for an annual income over CHF 40,000.

It is often difficult for pensioners to obtain a loan. At most financial institutions, the credit debt must be paid before the age of 65. We offer loans for pensioners up to 69 years.

The minimum pension must be 3000 per M. and you should be free of prosecutions.

For IV pensioners it is often difficult to obtain a loan.

Most financial institutions reject IV pensioners. We offer loans for IV pensioners.

The minimum pension must be 3000th – per M. and you should be free of prosecutions.

If you are a cross-border commuter, you are welcome to contact us. Minimum requirement for cross-border commuters 3 years in Switzerland and 3 years with the same employer.

If you have been in Switzerland for at least 12 months, your residence permit is still valid at the time you apply for the loan and you also have an employment contract that is not terminated and unlimited in time.

The easiest way to make a credit request is online. Our online credit request is quick and easy to fill in.

The online credit request is necessary to check your creditworthiness .

Make your Online Credit Switzerland request now.

A credit increase or a credit increase is theoretically possible at any time.

However, we recommend a installment of at least 6 installments so that you do not get into a deeper scoring.

You will receive a certificate of authenticity from your nearest post office “The Yellow Identification of the Post” or in your community.

At the end of the legal withdrawal period of (14 days) you will receive the money in your bank account. (The contract date is decisive)

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You receive free and qualified advice from our credit experts. With us you are at the top, both online and in person, just as you wish.

Whether private credit, car loan, furniture loan, consumer credit – we speak your language and advise you competently and individually around the topic of loans.

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